Thursday, 2 November 2017

Mobile games development.

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 You can make money through ads, selling games on major app stores, selling in app or digitals products. You needed to know how to create mobile games and apps to earn from this. See this blog for more details.
So how do you make money with apps and games?
Direct sales
Many app stores allow developers to sell their apps and games at a defined price. As developer, you set your own price and clients will purchase at that price. The revenue is shared between you and the app store. You only need to supply you bank or payment account details during initial registration. Others may require you issue invoice at the end of each month. The payment may be subject to payment threshold.  Though an option to make money, unless you game or app stands it is a bit hard to make enough money.

Selling in-app or digital products
You can limit you game and allow users to unlock by paying a certain fee. This amount is credited to you payment account and payed according to the setting on your account. This depends on how you have coded your game. There are AIPs and SDKs provided by app stores or in-app purchase. One of the best options to make money.

You can show ads on your game or app at intervals. The ads should not affect game play and display. They should also not mask any of the game or app controls. You need to register with ads companies as allowed and approved by specific store you are targeting. Integration details will be handled in this blog for several major ad providers depending on the target app store. After registration and approval, integration then follows. You would then be required to provide payment details. There is usually revenue share between you and ads company. Best option.

You can combine the above and increase you revenue. For example: you can show ads on the game. As an added advantage, allow customer to buy ads free from store or implement in-app purchase to disable add once successful purchase is done.
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