Thursday, 2 November 2017

Making money - I.T. (Information Technology)

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Making money - I.T. (Information Technology)
There are so many fields in I.T. that you can make money from with or without I.T knowledge. It all takes determination and a never-give-up attitude. You must also be ready to learn on your own to expand you knowledge. Some require access to computer and internet while others don’t.
Some of the fields to look at are
(We will be expanding each section.Click on any to see more details as we update)
  1. Blogging – There are many way of earning from blogging. Someinclude ads, managing other blogs, selling digital products and more.
  2. Mobilegames development. You can make money through ads, selling games on major appstores, selling in app or digital products.
  3. Software development - you can sell them to companies, placethem on major app stores and sell ads, digital products or sell them directlyto clients.
  4. Freelancing. There are many sites that allow freelancingwhere you bind for jobs.
  5. Printing, photocopy and internet services.
  6. Vlogging on YouTube. Ads are the main channel of revenue.Though you can also sell channels you make on you tube.
  7. Online marketing for other companies.

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