Thursday, 2 November 2017

How to make money

How to make money

We all wish to live a happy live. Money comes along with a happy life. There many ways of making money which we will explore in depth. While answering this question, you need to keep in mind that it depends on the career path you wish to take. At any age, there is no limit as to how you can earn or make money.

Below are the areas we will look at as we progress. Always refresh or come back to this page to see if new areas have been added.

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  1. I.T (information technology). This is a wide field which will be broken down to show you how you can make money.
  2. Agriculture. Another broad field we cannot exhaust.
  3. Business. With or without capital, you can still make money.
  4. Social and education.
  5. Self employment.
  6. Transport.
  7.  Offering services to other people.
  8. Healthy and fitness.
Come back for more update on the list

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