Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Farming – Growing crops

As a farmer you have sole responsibility of supplying food to the market. There many ways you can make money out of the crops
Growing crops:  This doesn’t require you have a land to plan crops. A sack or pot or bucket is enough. Good for you if you have a piece of land. Sukumawiki, cabbages, fruit, onions, oranges, pawpaw, pumpkins, avocados, mangoes, sugar cane, and maize are some of the crops you can look at. Some can grow of a small area while some require bigger farm. After maturity, you can make money through

  • Selling directly to consumers. It can be in the market or within your homestead or estate.
  • You can transport yourself to the market and sell directly to customers or sell to a re-seller.
  • You can also invite bid through online channels like Facebook, twitter and more
  • You can also sell directly to industries that buy in bulk.
  • You can also open a green grocery and sell to you customers.

…. More to follow

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