Friday, 26 August 2016

What it takes to develop a complete game

Game development is simple and fun if you understand the processes involved. This blog tries to break down the process from my experience point of view. The views are my personal aimed at helping developers who could be stuck with game concept and idea and don’t know where to start.
Just a small brief of how I came to be a developer:
I enrolled for certificate course in programming in visual C++ and java. As usual, the main program taught was how to develop hello world program and doing some fancy mathematics. We advanced to creating console programs that connected to database. Never in my studies did I create a GUI application.
I always thought that I knew everything I needed to create a game. I was wrong. I started with tutorials on how mobile phone works. This took huge part of my time but never got to really understand it. I nearly gave up but something told me to look at the Nokia website for more information. This gave me ideas on how to create games on java.
What I came to understand was you actually don’t need to understand how mobile phone works to develop mobile game. You only need the basis of operating a phone. I started with simple java games until Nokia was phased out.
I came across an article on creating mobile games with unity software. The GUI element of unity made me fall in love with it. What was more, I could develop once and deploy on more than one operating system.

In short, to develop a game and place it on any store,

  1. Have basic on object oriented programming. Mostly on C# or Java or JavaScript.
  2. Have general idea on how mobile phone works.
  3. Have a computer connected to internet.
  4. Google for tutorials over the web. The choice of tutorial depends on appetite to read. There are simple tutorials with illustrations and others are detailed. This all depends on your choice.
  5. Download the software used in the tutorial you choose. Don.t deviate from your tutorial till done. Otherwise you will get lost.
  6. Develop your game following the steps on the tutorial.
  7. Package the game after completion and test.
  8. Generate store compatible package depending on the platform you are developing.  The steps depend on the set procedure per store. Consult the store website for the steps.

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