Friday, 26 August 2016

The ups and downs of game development

Being in the field of game development, I must admit there are challenges faced and benefits to be happy for. 

The main challenges faced personally are:
  1. You are on new world where experience counts. With little experience, one has to do extra work to make it in this field.
  2. Game requires research which with limited resources, you will have to rely on forums and learn from other developers.
  3. Requires knowledge of at least on programming language depending on the game development environment.
  4. Requires creativity as that is the basis for your success.
  5. At times requires financial support when marketing. From other experienced developers, this is not a guarantee that you will remain successful.  Continuous update of games is required and support for your user base. This doesn't mean dedicated team to manage your work.
  6. Competition from experience developers. Working it alone requires dedication and time management. You will be doing all work on your own.
That said, there are benefits that come with this challenges
  1. You will have enough knowledge to manage a project from start to the end if you are working on the game alone.
  2. The experience opens up your opportunities to help other developers which can also be a part time job.
  3. If your game is successful, you will get all the financial benefits that come with it.

The success of your game depends on the effort and time you put in. Am employed and at the same time develop games for myself and for other users. It doesn’t require a whole day to develop game. A few minutes will take your game to near completion. Dedicate a few hours a day to develop one concept of your game and with time, you should be able to complete your game.

You also have to be patient with yourself. Some of developers give up due to rushed development. You have no time to think the concept through. If one part of code is not working, try a different approach. Do not rush against time. This leads to poorly developed game.

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