Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Spider Cybog

How it started:
The world was green with all life that made it beautiful. Trees grew and life was beautiful.  As time passed, thing started to change. And with time, the invasion was inevitable.

Over the time and current:
The world space is invaded by green spiders. They have taken over and killed any life that is left. The cybog is sent on mission to kill and help the world reclaim its place. The cybog only knows how to walk to the front.

Your role is to guide him across the space with the provided 4 arrows and help him attack using the button on the right above menu. The screen shot below shows the arrows and button.

He must kill all the spiders which reproduce every time one is eliminated.

The game begin by loading all assets required for game play. On loading, press Play button to enter the play screen. Instruction are give on how to play. No need to search for the menu. On pressing START, the game play begins.

Every attack earns you score which you can share with friends. You lose scores if you fail to kill a spider. Can you reclaim the green glory of our nation? What is more, can you lid all the green spiders? The world need you as the player to save it.

Let the game begin

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