Thursday, 25 August 2016

How to name a game

Mobile and computer games have different names. Some dictated by the store and some by the developer. The name of the game tell the user more about the game play even before the game is downloaded.

In windows store, all names are reserved before uploading. This means you must first reserve a name rest you find it is taken. Nothing stops you from using a taken name as long as you add additional information to the name that makes it unique.
For example: try to reserve a name like boot trap and you find it is taken, you can always use boot trap 1, boot trap reloaded etc.

In android store, you can develop a game and use the name you have picked for yourself as long as play store accepts it.

The name in the game tells it all. When picking a name, try to have a many names as you can and select the one that looks outstanding than the rest. The feeling you as developer have about the name gives idea of what to expect from your users.

Never be discouraged by negative comments from users and friends. Not everyone will like your game.

Nobody thought some games like candy crush would attract attention.

The name alongside other factors determines success of the game.

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