Thursday, 25 August 2016

Confirm Identity on facebook

Have you ever been locked out of your Facebook account? The next thing you get is message requesting you to confirm your details?

Nothing is far from the truth: you impersonated your own true identity. Why? If you check many Facebook accounts, especially friends you know by name, the accounts have fake/nicknames.

Facebook as company and in its policies requires every user to have account verifiable through you official government documents. The policy will get many of the users flat footed as they don't give warning when closing the account. You could be chatting and all over sudden your account requests you confirm your details.

This is when trouble comes calling. They will request you provide correct information as in your official government document and should match your account details. Since you no longer have access to your account, what should you do?

This article tries to assist from an experience point of view.

How it happened:

As with many users, I opened the account several years back with my full names as they are in official government documents. I gave my true date of birth in full and also uploaded some profile photos of myself.
What I didn't know was that this would come to save me one day.

As with many users, we always like fancy names and funny images as our profile. May be to hide identity from bad guy. Facebook looks at this as impersonation. Every user should be able to verify your identity.

I changed my profile photo then followed with change of my account name. I went ahead and created pages which I was the only administrator.
Later I decided to move all my games to Facebook game center.

Two mistakes I made:
1. Not creating another administrator for my pages.
2. Not having back up plan for my games on Facebook and more so the ads account.

Having achieved my dream, I kept updating my followers with information about my games on:
Angelit page
Jantersand page
Mobile apps for everyone page.

Then trouble came calling. The account refreshed and took me to login page. I thought it was my computer or browser reset. I input my password and the next thing I was asked to confirm my identity.

What the hell? I tried all manner of information but none worked. Googled the whole day trying to get any idea on how to recover my account. My account was now gone and I had to recreate new one.

But wait, there are pages to recreate and get followers, there are games and ads. I nearly gave up until Isaw am email requesting I send official government documents showing the date of birth and names on my account and give my photo resembling my profile.

Apart from date of birth which I never changed, the rest of details were not my real identity. I gave up and decided not to bother the Facebook team again.

After back and forth, I decided to take the bold step and tell the whole story to Facebook. First I had to convince them the name was dummy as I had changed from real name. The photo was also dummy and real one was on my album. Only date of birth was matching but the document gave only the year but no month and day.

In desperate times, desperate measures are called for. I Sent two detailed emails on how I changed my account details and that I was not impersonating any person. More over there we other connected accounts they could verify my details from.

I waited for two days not checking my emails. One day as my daughter was playing with my phone, I noticed some strange email. I opened and there I was. My account was reactivated with my full identity as is in the official document I sent.


1. I had to add new admin as back up for my pages.
2. Changed my account details to match the real identity. Of course the photo can remain.
3. Added my contact .

The story highlights what you can also do in case your account is locked. Never give up. It is better to try than live knowing you lost friends. You only need to be polite to the team handling your case. Never give misleading information.

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