Friday, 22 April 2016

CYBER SECURITY – Password recovery

Password recovery
The following are guideline to follow in recovering your account.
  1. When you realize your account is hacked, don’t panic. First try to login. If it fails, go to forgot password and enter details as requested. Most social media site have this functionality at your disposal. Always remember to set up recovery account or security question where request in your account. Never ignore this. It is only way to recover your account. When you log in, first go to activity history of your account. Note any suspicious activity and time.  Regardless of activity in the account, change your password immediately. Most sites offers option to log out other session. Kindly do so and log out. Try now to log in again. If all goes well, you are good to go.
  2. Always use strong password which no one can guess. Your password, your life. Save it in a save place and don’t leak to anyone.
  3. Ensure you clean the screen of any touch screen device you use. This is what snoopers use to get you details. The pattern and the key press are always left on screen if carefully looked at.
  4. Now you are save, what next. Review your friends list to ensure there are no additions. This will help keep the intruder out of your friends list. With over 3k friends, you have no way to tell who legitimate friend is. Check on the latest list of friends. If you find new addition not on your previous list, block and delete the friend from your list.
  5. Never share you credentials with any one online. If anyone initiates a conversation, don’t just reply. Consider your environment before any posting. The conversation will start sweet but end in you giving your account details.

Now you know the truth: Few account are hacked by professional hackers, many are hacked by the close friend in your circles. DON’T be a victim.
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