Thursday, 21 April 2016

Cyber crimes

Internet cafes / Cyber cafes are the new social space in the world. They are no longer type and print studio we used to have. Want to meet a friend, just pop in to any Cyber cafe. What to link up with a group, talk of cyber cafe. Skipping work today, just pop in to cyber cafe and do the assignment. After all that is what social media is there for.
What we fail to know is that the same cyber cafe can be the source of your miseries. Internet requires a lot of care before you type anything on  a computer. The blog aims at giving do’s and don’ts of cyber.
  • Always check the computer before opening a page. Most cyber crimes happen as result of software which collect the data you are keying in. If anything is open on computer, you should immediately ask the attendant before closing.
  • Choice of browser matters. Open any social site on browser you are conversant with. If anything looks odd, request assistance.
  • Confirm the links you open. If opening twitter, confirm the link is the right one. Hackers usually creates a mirror site like twitter but link will be different. When you key in password, you are redirected to a new site or the real twitter site. What you fail to note is that the username and password are already with the hacker. For some sites, it is possible to tell the last login and location. but the damage will have been done.
  • Now, all the above is okay. We all ignore very important step. Your login to the real site. Key in username and password in the following scenarios:   With a friend in cyber and s/he can see your credentials. This is the first trusted cyber crime. Your social space is a secret. Another terrible mistake: You get pop up to remember password or you have selected and by default this is the case. When you leave cyber, you just leave your account logged in. The next person will just proceed from where you left.
  • We all love social site, but why create same username and password for all sites? If one is hacked, all are hacked.
  • You receive email that you have won a competition you have never participated in. The next set: you click a link and key in your password since it tells you to use your Facebook, gmail or any other social media account. The hacker is on the other end waiting for your credentials and in a flash of second, your social media reputation is at stake.
This may look simple and obvious. if you ask those whose accounts were hacked, they fall under one of the category. The pictures you put on social media tell a lot. Anyone can create account and download your images and add it in their profile. Social media companies have no way of recognizing the legitimate owner of the accounts. Before  you allow anyone on your social space, think twice. Even the cyber crimes committed in companies, same mistakes are done.

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